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CSCE 1030: Computer Science I

Course Number: 
CSCE 1030
Course Name: 
Computer Science I

 Introduction to computer science and engineering, problem-solving techniques, algorithmic processes, software design and development.

Prerequisite (should have grade of C or better): 
Credit Hours (Including Labs): 
UNT Topics: 
  1. Introduction to Computers and C++ Programming
    1. Computer Systems
    2. Programming and Problem Solving
      1. Definition of algorithm
      2. Program Design Phases
      3. Object-Oriented Programming
      4. The Software Lifecycle
    3. Introduction to C++
      1. User vs programmer
      2. Overview of a simple C++ program
      3. Compiling
    4. Testing and Debugging
      1. Definition of bug and debugging
      2. Types of Errors
      3. Error messages vs warning messages
  2. C++ Basics
    1. Variables and Assignments
    2. Input and Output
    3. Data types and expressions
    4. Simple flow of control
    5. Program Style
  3. More flow of control
    1. Using Boolean expressions
    2. Multiway branches
    3. Loop statements
    4. Loop design, termination, nesting, and debugging
  4. Procedural Abstraction and Functions that Return a Value
    1. Top-down design
    2. Predefined functions
    3. Type casting
    4. Programmer-Defined Functions
    5. Procedural abstraction
    6. Local and global variables
    7. Namespaces
    8. Overloading function names
  5. Functions for All Subtasks
    1. Void
    2. Call by reference
    3. Choosing between call by reference and call by value
    4. Using procedural abstraction
    5. Testing functions
    6. Debugging techniques
  6. I/O Streams as an Introduction to Objects and Classes
    1. File I/O
    2. Introduction to Classes and Objects
    3. Tools for Stream I/O
    4. Character I/O
  7. Arrays
    1. What arrays are
    2. Array declaration
    3. Array indexing
    4. Arrays and loops
    5. Arrays in memory
    6. Array initialization
    7. Arrays in Functions
    8. Partially filled arrays
    9. Multidimensional arrays
  8. Strings and Vectors
    1. C strings
    2. C++ string class
    3. Vectors
  9. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays
    1. Definition of a pointer
    2. Declaring pointers
    3. Referencing and dereferencing
    4. Pointers and addresses
    5. Pointer assignment
    6. Dynamic variable
    7. New and delete
    8. Dangling pointers
    9. Static and Automatic Variables
    10. Typedefs and pointers
    11. Arrays and Pointers
    12. Creating and Using Dynamic Arrays
    13. Pointer Arithmetic
    14. Multidimensional Dynamic Arrays
  10. Defining Classes
    1. Structures
    2. Classes
    3. Abstract Data Types
    4. Inheritance
UNT Outcomes: 
  • Describe how a computer’s CPU, Main Memory, Secondary Storage and I/O work together to execute a computer program.
  • Make use of a computer system’s hardware, editor(s), operating system, system software and network to build computer software and submit that software for grading.
  • Describe algorithms to perform “simple” tasks such as numeric computation, searching and sorting, choosing among several options, string manipulation, and use of pseudo-random numbers in simulation of such tasks as rolling dice.
  • Write readable, efficient and correct C/C++ programs that include programming structures such as assignment statements, selection statements, loops, arrays, pointers, console and file I/O, structures, command line arguments, both standard library and user-defined functions, and multiple header (.h) and code (.c) files.
  • Use commonly accepted practices and tools to find and fix runtime and logical errors in software.
  • Describe a software process model that can be used to develop significant applications composed of hundreds of functions.
  • Perform the steps necessary to edit, compile, link and execute C/C++ programs.
Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) Number: 
COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I (4 SCH version)
Course Materials: 

Problem Solving with C++, Walter Savitch, 9th edition 2014, Addison Wesley, ISBN 9780133591743

UNT Department: 
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Course Level: 
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