On this page we provide links to useful information regarding information assurance and computer security. These links should be useful to students studying in our program and to practicing professionals.




Important Publications

News Sources

Subscription-based Research Resources

The following are important research or commercial publications that are available to current UNT students, faculty, and staff. These are subscription-based and can be accessed from UNT systems - from off-campus systems, UNT people will have to log in through the library electronic resources. Non-UNT people will need their own subscriptions.

UNT Only: Available Non-Web Material

The following materials to UNT students who can check them out.

  • DoD Training Materials (CDs):
    • Information Assurance Policy & Technology
    • Computer Network Defense
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Active Defense - An Executive's Guide to Information Assurance
    • Firewall and Router Fundamentals
    • System Administrator - Incident Preparation & Response for UNIX
    • OPSEC Fundamentals
  • Cisco training materials:
    • Cisco Router Security
    • Securing Cisco Routers