On this page we provide links to useful information regarding information assurance and computer security. These links should be useful to students studying in our program and to practicing professionals.



  • Research-Oriented:
  • Professional/Certification/Training Groups and Information:
    • ISSA: Information Systems Security Association - Professional organization with local chapters (including a North Texas chapter)
    • (ISC)2 - International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (issues certifications, including CISSP)
    • Cisco Training & Events - including info on Cisco certifications
    • SANS - Network and Computer Security Training

Important Publications

News Sources

Subscription-based Research Resources

The following are important research or commercial publications that are available to current UNT students, faculty, and staff. These are subscription-based and can be accessed from UNT systems - from off-campus systems, UNT people will have to log in through the library electronic resources. Non-UNT people will need their own subscriptions - sorry about that!

UNT Only: Available Non-Web Material

The following materials to UNT students who can check them out.

  • DoD Training Materials (CDs):
    • Information Assurance Policy & Technology
    • Computer Network Defense
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Active Defense - An Executive's Guide to Information Assurance
    • Firewall and Router Fundamentals
    • System Administrator - Incident Preparation & Response for UNIX
    • OPSEC Fundamentals
  • Cisco training materials:
    • Cisco Router Security
    • Securing Cisco Routers